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Application of stainless steel tee

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Update time : 2020-09-02 14:37:03

  Stainless steel tee widely used in petroleum chemical industry, oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, fertilizer, power plant, nuclear power, shipbuilding, paper making, pharmacy, food sanitation, urban construction and other industries the establishment and maintenance of engineering. Request for this kind of pipe pressure is higher in industrial, maximum pressure can reach 600 kg, career pipe pressure is low, general is 16 kg.

  Stainless steel tee is two head diameter, on the other hand, is reducing tee branch pipe diameter with other two divisions called a reducing tee, performance measures are as follows: about stainless steel tee about reducing tee.

  Material of common, such as 10 # # 20、3Q235A20g20G16MnASTMA234ASTMA105ASTMA403 stainless steel tee, outside diameter size in 60 "2.5", from 26 "60" for welding stainless steel tee, 28-60 mm wall thickness.