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How to Fix a Broken Sprinkler Pipe

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Update time : 2020-08-14 10:24:10

If there are areas of your lawn that appearance more although ought a marsh than a backyard, you can read broken sprinkler pipes. Fortunately, fixing the question isn’t also difficult if you donâ€t worry getting dirty.



1) buy pipe fittings. Nothing is worse than having ought flow ought the hardware department at the core of a project. shout on the table of things you want below.


2) discover the rupture. often a soggy district of grass, besides sometimes it is a geyser.


3) cause off the sprinklers, if you don’t this could exist a same difficult task.


4) Dig up the pipe. no the complete pipe, just the region that is broken. Carefully transfer the region of herb above the pipe, trying ought own it intact. fulfill this by cutting a circular region with the aim of your spade above where you are ought dig then carefully lifting it off. Dig up the clay above the poor pipe with a spade (you will possibly also want a hand trowel ought dig up the clay below the pipe). You will wish ought read at least 6 inches (15.2 cm) above each phase of the pause transparent and enough room because you fist below the pipe. if the hollow fills with water, you will also read ought wait because it ought dry or bail it out (the latter is recommended).


5) chop the pipe. acquire a hacksaw, PVC or metal pipe cutters (depending above what species of pipe you have, older sprinkler systems are often metal, calm newer ones foster ought exist PVC). chop the broken region out hence that you read clean, undamaged pipe above both sides.


6) measure a new length of pipe that is just a slice shorter than the gap left by old pipe that you chop away. It ought possibly exist 1/2 " ought 1" shorter ought rent room because the connectors. Or you can buy a PVC responsible from most family improvement stores that has one pipe sliding inner an exterior barrel with an O-ring inside. It will extend about 3" at length. I read seen at stores 1/2" ought 2 1/2" at diameter sizes. One aim is a woman glide and the other is a masculine that needs a coupling, elbow, or tee ought mingle ought complete the repair.


7) sweep the pipe. Some water will go pouring out at first, you could trial ought capture it, besides it is easier ought bail it out. Once the water stops coming out, sweep both ends with a rag.


8) clothing the new section. if you are fortunate enough ought read PVC then you just lay the PVC primer and stick above the outer of the pipe and inner of the straight connectors and glide them together. trade quickly although the stick sets fast. Then lay the region you just glued at the gap you just created, repeating the gluing procedure. if you read metal pipes you will read ought string the outer of the pipe ought clothing the connectors quite than gluing them.


9) examination the pipe. cause the sprinklers assistance above and invent sure it is sealed properly.


10) if everything is fixed, cover up the hollow and replace the herb you hence carefully removed before.