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Processing technology of stainless steel tee

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Update time : 2020-09-29 10:11:16

  Prepare the raw material through high temperature baking furnace, the essence to use high-quality lime, can not be mixed with impurities of lime. The content of raw iron in the ingredients is higher than 30%. In the exercise, we should improve the total molten stainless steel tee as much as possible to ensure the discharge of impurities and bubbles.

  The temperature of the steel is higher than 1650 degrees centigrade. Do good to deoxidation scum after. After the chromizing is good, the deoxidization of the aluminum particles makes the slag white. In this process, stainless steel tee is necessary to mix with nitrogen. When the adjustment of the composition is appropriate, it is necessary to carry out sampling and analysis until stainless steel tee is poured in accordance stainless steel tee with the standard. In the future, the ingot is sent to the casting within 1.5 hours. When the heat preservation pit is placed for 20-60 hours, the temperature at 650-750 degrees Celsius should be heated in a high temperature furnace.

  Then it is cast and annealed. After the rough machining, the inspection is carried out. If there is no doubt that the tempering treatment is needed, this time is now approaching the scale of the finished product. In order to prevent deformation, there is certain demand for tempering temperature. Make sure that the tempering temperature can not be too high and the tempering is even. Then the sample is analyzed.