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Quality Requirements for Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Cap

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Update time : 2019-09-10 15:32:12
  With the rapid development of science and technology,  stainless steel pipe fitting cap have been widely used in aviation, electronics, chemistry, atomic energy and other industries, and the quality requirements of stainless steel pipe fitting cap are getting higher and higher. Based on the forming characteristics and finite element principle of LD three-roll cold rolling mill, the numerical simulation of the three-roll cold rolling process of 302 stainless steel pipe fitting cap was carried out by using the large-scale non-linear finite element simulation software MSC.

  The research results of ASTM A182 F44 Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Cap parts quality have certain guiding significance for actual production. The effects of different technological parameters such as feed rate, rotation angle, friction coefficient and opening angle on rolling results are analyzed emphatically. The influence of different feed rate and opening angle on rolling force and the effect of rotation angle on deformation induced motion of stainless steel pipe fitting cap were discussed. Through the comprehensive analysis of the simulation results, the reasonable process parameters are obtained, which provides the basis for parameter optimization. It can significantly improve the mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and surface quality of stainless steel pipe fitting cap materials.