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Influence of lubrication on product quality during forming of carbon steel elbow:

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Update time : 2021-09-27 17:23:37

  In the traditional production process of carbon steel pipe bending, enterprises will take many methods to obtain better surface quality of pipe bending, including adopting more advanced and high-grade pipe bending machines, using higher strength molds, or adopting lubricating products.

  Using high-grade pipe benders and high-strength molds, enterprises often need to invest a lot of money to complete. Only using pipe bending lubrication products is relatively cheap and fast to meet the requirements of enterprise product quality. However, in the traditional production process, oil-based elbow lubrication products can meet the requirements of elbow quality in elbow production, but the difficulty of cleaning and environmental pollution of oil-based elbow lubrication products are very prominent. Therefore, enterprises must adopt more means to eliminate the impact of oil-based elbow lubrication products on the final product quality, Therefore, more energy and funds are invested.

  The arrival of irmco elbow water-based grease not only meets the requirements of enterprises for the quality of elbow products, but also avoids and reduces the increased investment of enterprises due to the use of oil-based elbow lubrication products, and completely optimizes the production process of enterprises.