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Stainless steel tee transaction pressure surge

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Update time : 2020-08-26 16:07:59

  Although the weather is better today, due to the "buy up do not buy down" mentality, the terminal purchase wait-and-see mood, stainless steel tee trade pressure surge. According to business feedback, today's trading volume again set a record low, with large trading volume of more than 1000 tons, pessimistic.

  In terms of the recent market situation, this wave of decline still shows no signs of easing. With the increasingly weak transactions, the market may continue to decline in the short term. Judging from the recent quotations of merchants, although the price of stainless steel tee joint market has dropped significantly, the price decline in foreign market is weaker than that in domestic market due to the lack of resources. At present, the price difference between domestic market and foreign market is obvious, and the price of domestic market still has room for decline. As for the falling space, it still depends on the arrival of resources and the mentality of merchants.