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Attention to sealing of threaded flanges

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Update time : 2020-09-15 14:52:38

  Threaded flanges bolt thread selection is an important analysis of the effect of htreaded flange compact corrosion, if the effect of bolt tightening force of threaded flange leakage, it may lead to the flange. For a long time, high temperature, high pressure working environment requires threaded flanges to be manufactured, and all kinds of regulations should be strictly observed. The heat exchange tube of threaded flange leakage occurs, if there is rust will damage the heat pipe heat pipe out of the update. Therefore, open hole heat transfer tube can be opened on the threaded flange, which can reduce the number of leakage points in the design. Attention should be paid on the next two block hook ring is fixed with bolts in the design, in order to prevent man-made shedding, injured people and threaded flange sealing surface.