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Elbows Mandrel method

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Update time : 2019-06-12 14:37:27

  Extrusion Method

  In cold Extrusion method, a pipe with the same diameter as finished product is pushed through a die and formed into its desired shape. Usually applied to stainless steel small to medium sizes elbows.

  Extrusion Method

  UO Method

  UO method is used to manufacture medium size of the elbow, tee, and reducers. The plate is cut out into a specially designed shape, it is formed first into a U-shape using a die and then into an O-shape or tubular form using another die, that is why this method is known as UO method. Once the fittings formed in tumbler shaped it is welded from inside and outside of the closing seam. A cut plate is 1st from in U shape and then in O shape.

  UO Method

  Hot Forming Method

  In a Hot Forming Die Bending method, a Pipe is heated to forming temperature & formed in the die with the specific shape, this process may be repeated as needed to obtain the required shape, size and wall thickness. Usually applied to thick-wall items that cannot be bent on a mandrel die.

  Elbow Manufacturing Hot Forming method

  Hot Forming method for Elbow Manufacturing

  TEE Manufacturing Process:

  Hydraulic Bulge Method

  Hydraulic Bulge method is used to manufacture Tee. Cut piece of Pipe is placed in hydraulic die and liquid is fill inside the pipe, Hydraulic pressure pushes out the branch, in the fixed opening in the die. This method gives the good surface finish. However, higher thickness Tee cannot be manufactured by this method.

  Hydraulic Bulge Method for Tee Manufacturing

  Hot Extrusion Method

  Tee with large diameters, heavy wall thickness and /or special material with challenging workability that cannot be manufactured using the hydraulic bulge method are manufactured using hot Extrusion Method. In hot Extrusion Method, Normally Bigger diameter pipe is used than the finished product size, the branch outlet is extruded from the pipe with help of extrusion tool. Other dimensions of body and branch can also be adjusted by pressing the die if required.