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Length calculation method and installation method of stainless steel elbow

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Update time : 2022-05-09 14:46:40

  Stainless steel elbow occupies an important position in pipeline installation. The weight and length of elbow are often used and need to be calculated, so we should learn these calculation methods well.

  1、 Calculation method of elbow weight

  1. (outer diameter wall thickness) * wall thickness * coefficient * 1.57 * nominal diameter * multiple

  Coefficient: carbon steel: 0.02466

  Stainless steel: 0.02491

  Alloy: 0.02483

  90 degree elbow (outer diameter wall thickness) * wall thickness * coefficient (0.02466 for carbon steel) * 1.57*

  *Nominal diameter * multiple / 1000 = theoretical weight of 90 degree elbow (kg)

  If you want to make better use of the elbow, you need to master the installation skills of the elbow, so that you can give full play to the connecting role of the elbow in the pipeline. Therefore, when installing the elbow, we must pay attention to the installation skills of the elbow.

  If the elbow is not installed properly, the medium in the pipeline will flow out, affecting the whole production process and causing certain economic losses. What precautions are there for installing the elbow?

  1. Keep the elbow clean and tidy and store it correctly. For the stainless steel elbow stored for a long time, it shall be inspected regularly. The frequently contacted working surface shall be kept clean, and then neatly stored in a dry place for indoor ventilation. Stacking or outdoor storage is prohibited, and the stainless steel elbow shall be kept dry and ventilated.

  2. Make preparations before installation. Before installation, be sure to carefully check various standards of stainless steel elbow. For example, the elbow diameter meets the requirements, which is still a problem during transportation. For example, if there is a problem with the elbow, please eliminate the problem before completing the elbow installation.