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Safety of electric power in bend processing

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Update time : 2020-05-14 10:22:27

  During the processing of bend, the electric power safety measures must be taken. The circuit of the insulator of the product always has the joint connection. Do not touch it during the use. If an external auxiliary power wire socket of bend has been assembled, it cannot be touched during the use.

  Before using the pipe bending equipment, the voltage of all transformers in the equipment can be effectively changed to the voltage supplied by the local operating machine. This warning! Before the pipe bending machine is sent out from the manufacturer, it should be connected with the main insulation switch in the electrical box.

  The power supply of the bend equipment must be three-phase power supply, which can be effectively grounded in accordance with the local power regulations during the use process. Before any electrical box in the equipment is opened, the machine must be completely isolated from the power supply.

  The main power switch of the Seamless Welded Steel 90 Degree 5D Pipe Fitting Bend in China must be a relatively stable device, which will be locked in the closed position when in use. Even if the main insulator is closed, the power supply of the incoming main line still exists.

  The marking of the power supply of the pipe bend shall be effectively displayed on the machine and the control box to warn the staff working in the power system that the main power switch of the equipment is turned on, so that the door of the power control box of the machine must be closed before the power supply of the machine is restored.

  The workers who do the electric maintenance and inspection of the bend must be effectively trained by their professional knowledge of electric power. Before the maintenance, please confirm the circuit diagram of the spare line. Limit switch and other protection equipment shall not be short circuited or bypassed at will.