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Structural characteristics of high pressure pipe reducer

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Update time : 2020-12-22 10:21:54

  The high pressure pipe reducer is made of carbon steel, which is expressed by multiplying the diameter of the large end by the diameter of the small end.

  High pressure pipe reducer standard: national standard, American Standard, British standard and various non-standard high pressure stamping.

  The necking forming process of high pressure pipe reducer is to put the tube blank with the same diameter as the large end of the pipe reducer into the forming die, and the metal moves along the die cavity and shrinks to form by pressing along the axial direction of the tube blank. According to the size of reducer, it can be divided into one-time pressing forming or multiple pressing forming.

  The characteristics of high pressure pipe reducer are that its strength is significantly higher than that of carbon steel with the same carbon content. It has good toughness, plasticity, good weldability and corrosion resistance.

  Because one side of the high pressure pipe reducer is flat, it is easy to exhaust or discharge liquid, which is convenient for start-up and maintenance. Therefore, high-pressure reducer is generally used for liquid pipeline installed horizontally. The roundness of the pipe reducer shall not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the corresponding end, and the allowable deviation shall be ± 3mm. If the diameter of the pipe reducer is inconsistent with the inner diameter of the process pipe, the corresponding reducing or expanding treatment shall be carried out. If the pipe is shrunk, whether the pressure loss caused by this will affect the process flow shall be considered. In order to prevent the influence of pipe reducer installation on the distribution of velocity field and the loss of pressure, and then reduce the measurement accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter, the required central cone angle α should not be greater than 15 ° and the smaller the better. There are two types of concentric and high-pressure, concentric pipe reducer is generally used in vertical pipe; high-pressure pipe reducer is used for horizontal pipe, and pay attention to mark whether the top is flat or the bottom is flat.