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Methods of reducing defective rate of equal pipe fitting tee

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Author : admin
Update time : 2020-12-15 09:27:52

  The production of pipe fitting tee is made by cold drawing, that is, seamless production mode, but there will be defective rate in the production process.

  First, we should control the quality of the equal pipe fitting tee at the source. All the equal pipe fitting tees are made of seamless pipes, which can ensure that the defective rate of our equal pipe fitting tee is very low. Each model of equal diameter tee in the production of the machine used is the same force, because a model of a set of mold, but if the quality of the pipe is not the same, and we can not see their differences with our eyes, so a force channel extrusion, and finally some models may be broken, but some models have not yet formed, so we can not control the times The reduction of product rate.

  Second, the mold should be checked in time. The damage of the mold and the reduction of air tightness are also the important reasons for the damage of the equal pipe fitting tee. The cost of a set of mold is also very high, and it is inevitable that the mold is not willing to be renewed.

  Third, the training of skilled workers is also very important. The technical workers' mastery of technology directly affects the quality of pipe fitting tee.