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Features of high pressure flange

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Update time : 2020-12-10 09:38:46

  1. Sealing mode of high-pressure flange: the center of high-pressure self tightening flange is a unique new metal to metal seal, that is, relying on the elastic deformation of the sealing lip of the sealing ring, the seal belongs to hard sealing; then, the combination of sleeve, ferrule and sealing ring is used to form a strong rigid body, so that the strength of the joint part is far greater than the strength of the pipe base material itself. In compression, the rib and lip play the role of strength and sealing respectively, which can not only self tight seal, but also strengthen the pipeline, greatly strengthening the overall strength of the joint

  2. Tensile property of high-pressure flange: in most cases, the high-pressure self tightening flange in connection can withstand tensile load better than the pipeline itself; destructive test shows that the flange still has no defects and leakage after the pipeline accepts tensile load failure.

  3. Anti bending function of high-pressure flange: many tests indicate that the flange will not leak or loose when it is subjected to large tortuous load. Practical test: the high-pressure self tightening flange of DN 15 standard has been welded on the pipe to withstand repeated cold bending, and the joint of the high-pressure self tightening flange does not leak and the bolts are not loose.

  4. Compression resistance of high-pressure flange: in normal pipeline application, high-pressure self tightening flange will not accept overload tightening; when higher tightening load occurs, the maximum load on high-pressure self tightening flange is determined by the ultimate strength of the pipeline.

  5. Impact resistance of high-pressure flange: several small and compact dimensions can accept the impact force that traditional high-pressure flange can not accept; the common metal to metal sealing structure greatly enhances its impact resistance function.

  6. Corrosion resistance of high pressure flange: different raw materials are to meet the special anti-corrosion requirements of different application environments.