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Features of stainless steel tee

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Update time : 2020-08-26 16:47:49

  1. Start the arc on the groove surface, and immediately retreat to the initial welding point at the slope root (usually 10 mm before the 6 o'clock position). When you see the start of melting, rapidly add the welding wire, so that the welding wire and the base metal are fused together, then you can see that the molten liquid and the slag flow evenly through the groove to the pipe to form a melting hole; stainless steel tee makes a small zigzag swing, slightly faster upward movement, and the welding wire is always not separated from the argon Gas protection shall be pasted on the gap between the blunt edges of the groove, and the intermittent wire feeding method shall be adopted, with one pulling one feeding and one dropping one feeding to the molten pool.

  2. During the welding process, short arc operation shall be maintained; handle shall be stable, wire feeding shall be clean, pay attention to the spacing between welding wire and tungsten electrode to prevent "tungsten striking", otherwise, new welding shall be carried out after grinding.

  3. The stainless steel tee control the size of the weld hole and the same shape is the key to the double-sided forming of backing welding.

  4. In the process of backing welding, the welding wire should be melted evenly, and a thin layer of slag should be formed to penetrate into the pipe mouth evenly, so as to protect the welding seam with slag, which is why the flux welding wire is used.

  5. After the stainless steel tee is welded, hammering shall be carried out to make the welding slag fall off; compressed air or water flushing can also be used to drop the welding slag in the pipe, so as to obtain beautiful golden weld in the pipe.