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Standard for pressing process of stainless steel pipe fitting cap

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Update time : 2020-08-31 10:32:59

  The stainless steel pipe fitting cap is the main stress component of the vessel head. The quality of the pipe fitting cap is related to the normal operation of the vessel equipment.

  How to press the stainless steel pipe fitting cap , the pressing method of stainless steel pipe fitting cap; first split molding, then welding together (the advantage of this is to facilitate transportation, if it is too large, transportation will bring trouble); large and medium-sized pipe fitting caps: first splicing and then forming, the requirements in the standard are mainly for it; small head: one-time overall molding manufacturing method, advantages: outstanding overall effect. The existing pipe fitting cap standards in China are formulated separately according to different structural types and forming methods.

  This not only causes the unreasonable phenomenon that the quality requirements of different standard pipe fitting caps are not completely consistent, but also brings some difficulties to the selection and revision of standard pipe fitting caps. The previous pipe cap standard is only compatible with GB 150 steel pressure vessel