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How to prevent surface defects of stainless steel tee

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Update time : 2020-10-10 10:14:09

  The extrusion forming method of stainless steel tee adopts emulsion as liquid filling medium, which meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. The tee joint formed by this product is easy to clean, and the liquid filled medium emulsion in the pipe can be reused, which will not pollute the stainless steel metal tee joint and the environment. In addition, the invention creatively wraps a layer of plastic film on the stainless steel tube blank in advance, effectively prevents the surface defects of the formed tee joint, and significantly improves the processing quality of the stainless steel tee.

  The extrusion forming method of stainless steel tee comprises the following steps:

  1) Preparation of stainless steel tube blank covered with a layer of plastic film;

  2) The semi-finished stainless steel tee was obtained by extruding the stainless steel tube blank of the product, in which the liquid filling medium in the tube filling system is the emulsion mixed with emulsified oil and water;

  3) Conduct solution treatment, surface grinding and groove processing for the stainless steel tee.