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Most of the stainless steel tee merchants mainly ship goods

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Update time : 2020-08-18 11:34:58

  With the decrease of the shipment after the steel price skyrocketing, the sentiment of merchants pulling up was restrained to some extent. Some cities and individual varieties even appeared weak callback operation, while the futures market also continued to callback and stir up the situation. The spot market gradually recovered its rationality in the second half of the week and began to consolidate the previous rise. In the same way, traders are also faced with the pressure of capital shortage. Most of the stainless steel tee joint merchants mainly ship goods, digest the inventory, withdraw the payment for goods, and ease the capital contradiction.

  Now, it is rare for steel traders to hoard goods and promote the market. In order to digest the inventory and attract downstream end users and traders' orders, the steel mill has appropriately reduced the ex factory price of steel due to sales difficulties, increased inventory and shortage of funds. Some steel mills also make up for the traders moderately, which, to a certain extent, drives the spot market prices to fluctuate and fall. There is also a phenomenon of "high reports and low prices". There is room for bargaining in actual transactions. It can be seen that the market price has not changed significantly.

  However, the operators still expressed expectations for the later mechanical steel market, believing that the current policy is favorable and the benefits are gradually emerging, which is a major driving force to support the stable and good market in the later period. The demand for stainless steel tee joint is still weak, and the price falls again and again. It breaks the bottom line of merchants for many times, and the market price falls into a downward channel. However, with the differences in the prices of ore and steel, the profits of steel mills are greatly squeezed, and the number of steel mills intending to support the price is gradually increasing, and the downward trend is slowing down. However, the rigid demand is weak, and the steel market is easy to fall and difficult to stabilize. In recent years, under the background of rapid recovery of steel output, increasing supply pressure, slow recovery of demand and slow decline of inventory, steel prices have accelerated. At present, with the advent of high temperature and rainy season, some regions are busy with wheat harvest, and steel demand will enter the traditional off-season.

  Under the situation of high blast furnace operating rate, gradual decrease of downstream demand and insufficient confidence of manufacturers in the future market, the steel market may be difficult to withstand the downward pressure. Therefore, it is expected that the mainstream price of stainless steel after the three-way connection of stainless steel will be mainly reduced by small fluctuation.

  The weather in June is not hot yet, and the medium plate market is still in the doldrums. Judging from the performance at the end of the month, it seems that it has entered the off-season ahead of time. Although the mentality of the merchants has not yet come out of the cold, time has mercilessly brought us into the hot summer. In the past small half year, the medium board market has entered the off-season ahead of time It has been in the state of low consolidation. Except for some areas where the price is higher, the range of downward exploration is larger, and the rest are narrow consolidation.

  At present, under the guidance of the weakening prices of iron ore, billet and other raw materials, the enthusiasm of steel mills is not reduced. Most domestic steel mills have no news of production reduction and maintenance. In addition, the current steel market is difficult to change, although the price drop is difficult to promote transactions. Moreover, with the increase of temperature in various regions, the terminal purchasing power is insufficient and the operation is cautious. However, the high temperature weather has not really come, the supply pressure has begun to appear, and the situation of oversupply in the later stage will aggravate. It is worrying whether the market price of stainless steel tee joint can maintain stability.