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The most commonly used bending method of pipe fitting bends in China

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Update time : 2020-08-04 09:14:15

       At present, bending is the most commonly used bending method in China. Most of the equipment used are general mechanical press or hydraulic press, but also special bending press. The commonly used roll bending equipment is the winding machine. The pipe fitting bends machine determines a circle according to three points and bends the slab continuously. The three-roll plate rolling machine has two transmission rolls and one screwdown roll.

  The relative distance between the roller and the driving roller can be changed by adjusting the upper and lower positions of the roller. Since this year, the social inventory of pipe fitting bends has risen rapidly, reaching a historical high of 21.92 million tons at the end of February. Due to the slow speed of de-inventory, there is a great pressure on the Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Bends processing market. Although March and April are the traditional peak consumption season for pipe fitting bends, the prices of pipe fitting bends continue to decline due to the high level of steel production, relatively weak growth in demand, intensified contradiction between supply and demand in the market, and high inventory.

  When stretching and bending, the sheet metal is placed between the driving roll and the pressing roll, and the driving roll rotates in the positive and negative directions, so that the sheet metal moves to and fro. By adjusting the screwdown roll and gradually pressing pipe fitting bends down, the plate can be bent into cylindrical surface, conical surface and hyperboloid with smaller curvature. One end of the pressing roll can be raised to facilitate the discharge of the workpiece.