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Anti cracking technology of pipe fitting cap

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Update time : 2020-09-17 09:48:34

  The production of large and small pipe fitting cap is basically based on pressing, but the process of pressing will make the hardness and density of steel increase. However, if it is not heated, cracks will easily occur.

  For the control of reducing range, in general, the first processing range of stainless steel is within the first level. For example, 325-159 stainless steel large and pipe fitting cap need several times of heating treatment. First, one end of 325 pipe is pressed, and 325 hole diameter is pressed to 273. This pressing also needs to be heated, and the second time is 273 diameter changing 219 process, which is the same the tube needs to be heated to the specified temperature and then pressed. Then there is the process from 219 to 159, and each reduction requires heat treatment.

  All kinds of materials have their own hardness and tensile strength, so the pressing force of each material is also different. For the same type of pipe fitting cap, the material is different, and the processing methods and procedures are also very different. For example, the pipe fitting cap of ordinary carbon steel will be formed after three times of heat treatment, but the hardness of pipe fitting cap made of alloy material is higher The more times of pressing and heating, the more complex the forming process.