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Precautions for painting and anticorrosion of carbon steel tee

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Update time : 2020-11-12 09:55:02

  The processing process of carbon steel pipe fittings is very strict, otherwise the quality will not be guaranteed. There are many processes and the process is also very detailed. For example, the carbon steel tee joint, the last process is painting, so what should be paid attention to in the painting of carbon steel tee?

  There are many letter symbols on the pipe fitting tee of carbon steel, which symbolize the name of pipe fittings. For example, different types of pipe fitting tee have different forms, and the letters are different.

  A very important process of carbon steel tee joint is to apply antirust paint. Two methods can be used for coating. One is to brush the tee directly with a brush, and the other is to paint with a spray gun. It is necessary to clean the tee before painting. There should be no soil, hair or impurities on it, otherwise the effect of painting will be affected.

  The carbon steel tee joint must be cleaned, and there should be no sludge on it. The original color of the pipe should be seen, and the production date of the paint should be checked. If the paint is very sticky and thick, it should be diluted first and then coated. After mixing evenly, it can be used.

  Quality inspection is very important, to see whether its surface and inside is smooth, whether there is oxidation, if it is not qualified, it should be processed again. There should be no separation layer, scar and wrinkle on the carbon steel tee joint, and some minor scratches and pits can be removed. In the quality inspection, don't be too troublesome, and be careful.