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Precautions for use of non-standard flange

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Update time : 2020-07-09 09:29:51

  1. Non standard flange gas must be strictly dedusted and compressed air dried and purified. The operating pressure of the actuator is 0.5MPa calibrated torque, and the air pressure is more than 0.55mpa. Otherwise, the output torque is reduced and small due to the operating pressure.

  2. Valve leakage should be found to further tighten the cylinder head screws or sealing rings, sealing gasket, or affect the output torque, in serious cases.

  3. If it is found that the movement of non-standard flange is invalid, it should be carefully checked and repaired, mainly because the gas is not clean, so the cylinder and piston are stuck, and some cleaning work can be done, but it should be avoided that the strong movement will further expand the damaged cylinder surface, and the damaged parts need to be replaced when the surface of the meat rotating arm cylinder is seriously scratched.

  4. The best repair time of the valve over 6 months is to clean or replace the sealing ring, which will extend the service life.

  5. If the filter is cut off, the non-standard flange valve must be opened and the service life shall be guaranteed.