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Stamping forming and distribution characteristics of reducer

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Update time : 2020-07-23 09:03:31

  In addition to using steel pipe as raw material to produce reducer, some sizes of reducer can also be produced by stamping process with steel plate. The shape of the die used for drawing is designed according to the inner surface dimension of the reducing pipe, and the blanking steel plate is formed by stamping and drawing.

  1. Under the action of internal pressure, the bending moment produced by the area pressure difference between the big end and the small end of the concentric reducer causes the relative opening of the large end and the relative contraction of the small end;

  2. Under the action of internal pressure, the circumferential stress on the inner surface of the large end of the eccentric side and the outer surface of the middle part of the eccentric side of the eccentric reducer is the largest.

  When absorbing water, the water pressure of the suction pipe section decreases, and the gas dissolved in the water will separate out. If the concentric reducer is used, these gases can not be discharged in time, and will accumulate and block at the protuberance, forming air resistance. The pump will also produce noise and the water delivery capacity will be greatly reduced. If the eccentric reducer is used, the separated gas will be discharged in time and no air resistance will be formed.