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The principle of stainless steel tee

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Update time : 2020-09-30 09:48:39

  The stainless steel tee is a pipe for the branch of a pipe. For the use of seamless tube manufacturing for three links, there are two commonly used processes: hydraulic bulging and hot pressing. The hydraulic bulging of stainless steel tee is a forming process of expanding the branch pipe through the axial compensation of the metal material.

  The process is to use special hydraulic machine, pipe with  equal tee diameter are injected into the liquid through the two level side hydraulic cylinder synchronous motion of extrusion billet, billet extrusion volume change, the liquid in the pipe with the pipe size and the pressure, when achieved stainless steel tee expansion required pressure, the metal material in the cylinder and tube blank inner liquid pressure under the dual role of the mold cavity flow and expansion pipe.

  The hydraulic bulging process of stainless steel tee can be formed in one time. The production efficiency is high, and the wall thickness of the stainless steel tee pass and the shoulder is increased.