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What are the derusting methods for large diameter elbow pipes?

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Update time : 2021-06-15 14:59:38

  When it comes to bends, you may be a little confused for a while, but when it comes to pipes, you must be familiar with them. Pipes are very common in our production and life. They are used in our daily life. Some gases and liquids need pipes for transportation, and the water we need every day is also transported through pipes. Then bends are actually similar to this.

  I don't know which elbow pipes are used in our daily life. In fact, stainless steel elbow pipes are more or less used in our daily life. However, because there are many kinds of elbow pipes, we will focus on one, which is large diameter elbow.

  Since the large-diameter bend pipe is widely used in construction, pipeline, public facilities, etc., we have to say that the problem that should be paid attention to is that the bend pipe will rust, which is a headache for enterprises and manufacturers. Now we will briefly introduce several rust removal methods for large-diameter bend pipe.

  First of all, we must use professional pipe bending tools to remove rust, which means wire brush and other tools. The advantage of using this tool is that we can use it to remove loose or upwarped oxide scale, rust, welding slag, etc. Of course, it should be noted that manual tools can achieve SA2 level, but electric tools can achieve SA3 level more thoroughly.

  Of course, it should be pointed out here that when the steel surface is firmly attached with oxide scale, our tool derusting method will not achieve the ideal derusting effect, so it will not directly reach the depth of anchor lines required by anti-corrosion construction.

  Another method is to bend the pipe for pickling. Generally speaking, we use chemical and electrolytic methods to pickling rusty bends, which can effectively remove scale, rust and old coating. Of course, in general, this method can also be used for reprocessing after sand blasting and rust removal, and the effect is also very good.