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What are the extrusion forming methods for stainless steel tee joints?

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Update time : 2020-09-24 16:08:05

  Stainless steel tee links are pipe fittings and steel pipe. They are mainly used in the main pipe branches. The stainless steel tee way joint is easy to clean, and the liquid filling medium emulsion can be used repeatedly. It will not cause pollution to the stainless steel tee links and the environment. What are the methods of extrusion for stainless steel tee?

  The extrusion molding method of the stainless steel tee joint is as follows:

  1, prepare stainless steel tee blank with plastic film on the surface.

  2. Extruding the stainless steel tee billet of the product to obtain the semi-finished products with three joints.

  3. Solid solution treatment, surface grinding and groove processing for semi-finished products of stainless steel tee joints.

  The above is the extrusion molding method for stainless steel tee connector. If you have pipe fitting tee connection purchase requirements, please contact us.