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What are the precautions in the process of opening stainless steel tee?

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Update time : 2020-10-10 10:00:44

  The extrusion expansion deformation of stainless steel tee joint belongs to elongation deformation. When the diameter is large to a certain extent, the material will shrink at the edge of the hole and then fracture. Therefore, the main problem of extrusion bulging is to prevent the hole edge from cracking, and the limit deformation degree of one extrusion expansion is mainly limited by the elongation of stainless steel material.

  Precautions for opening stainless steel tee are as follows:

  1. When the stainless steel tee ball valve is in the locked position, the ball is soaked by the mechanical pressure of the valve stem and pressed tightly on the valve seat.

  2. When the handwheel is moved anticlockwise, the stem of the stainless steel tee ball valve is reversed, and the angular plane at the bottom makes the ball break away from the valve seat.

  3. The valve rod is continuously drawn and impregnated with the guide pin in the screw groove of the valve rod, so that the ball head rotates without friction.

  4. Until it reaches the full open position, the valve rod is drawn to the limit position, and the ball is turned to the full open position.