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Heating production of carbon steel pipe fitting cap

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Update time : 2020-08-19 10:47:05

  The carbon steel pipe fitting cap adopts the medium frequency induction heating method to locally heat the pipe and conduct mechanical transmission at the same time while bending the pipe. The power is very high, and it can heat the pipes of various sizes and specifications. The heating speed is very fast, and it can realize stepless adjustment, good starting performance, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

  The large-scale carbon steel pipe fitting cap and the head with a thickness of more than 14mm need to be heated, because the pipe fitting cap size is large, the plate thickness, the deformation resistance is very large, and it is not easy to deform. Through heating, the plasticity of the material can be improved and the overall adaptability can be enhanced.

  In addition, it is necessary to heat treat the cold and spinning head, because the hardness and strength of the head will be enhanced after deformation, but the plasticity and toughness will be reduced a lot, which will lead to work hardening. This phenomenon can be eliminated by heat treatment, and the overall plasticity and toughness of the carbon steel pipe fitting cap can be improved, and the hardness of the material can be reduced.

  However, it needs to be specially pointed out that there are two different things in heating and heat treatment, but the residual heat after heating and forming has the same effect as heat treatment, so the carbon steel pipe fitting cap after hot pressing does not need to be heat treated again. Hebei Shengtian Pipe-Fitting Group Co., Ltd. produces carbon steel pipe fitting cap, with high-quality quality and perfect after-sales service, which has won unanimous praise from users at home and abroad.