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Market demand for pipe fitting elbow is expected to increase

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Update time : 2020-08-26 16:16:06

  Yesterday, the price of construction steel in the first tier cities in China was still in the shade. Considering that the domestic sales were not smooth, the quotation of merchants still fell slightly. According to the business feedback, under the influence of the mentality of "buy up but not buy down", downstream users are not very enthusiastic about taking delivery of goods, and the rainy weather also slows down the construction progress of downstream construction sites, and the market sales are not ideal. As August is the half year assessment period for bank deposits and loans, market funds are tight, and in the case of weak sales, it is expected that the price of construction steel in China today will mainly fall slightly.

  From the current market fundamentals, pipe fitting elbow market prices will continue to fall in the short term, the main pressure points are: first, the market supply pressure is still large, pipe fitting elbow production reduction maintenance is very limited; second, the capital is tight, near the end of the month, businesses will speed up the delivery of cash, in order to quickly recover funds; third, demand is weakening, from April to may, the production of automobiles and household appliances Volume and sales are not difficult to see, June and July downstream consumption will significantly decline, demand is difficult to support the price rebound. Therefore, in the short term, pipe fitting elbow prices will still fall slightly.

  Overall, affected by the epidemic situation, the domestic market is gradually on the rise, and the foreign pipe fitting elbow market has also eased, but it is not optimistic