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Material anticorrosion function of reducer

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Author : admin
Update time : 2020-04-30 15:01:47

  The preparation method of eccentric reducer is to use a plurality of grading dies to directly conduct eccentric reducing on the metal pipe, first leave the main pipe section in the middle of the whole metal pipe, and then use a plurality of grading dies to press the die step by step according to the requirements of the reducing angle.

  The eccentric reducer processed by the method of the invention has no weld on the whole eccentric reducer; the Butt Welding Pipe Fittings Eccentric Reducer is used as a special pipe, The utility model can prolong the service life of the eccentric reducer in the highly corrosive liquid, especially the shell of the downhole eccentric water distributor, because there is no weld, it will not corrode and crack at the welded junction; the production process is flexible, and the eccentric reducer with any diameter and any length of the eccentric straight pipe section can be processed.

  The middle of the eccentric reducer is the main pipe section, and the two ends are the eccentric straight pipe section. There is an eccentric reducing transition section between the main pipe section and the eccentric straight pipe section, and the bottom line of the eccentric reducer is kept in a straight line