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Product description of carbon steel pipe cap

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Update time : 2021-06-04 16:31:12

  The carbon steel pipe cap is a pipe fitting welded on the pipe end or installed on the external thread of the pipe end to cover the pipe. It is used to close the pipeline and has the same function as the pipe plug. The carbon steel pipe cap includes the design of convex cap, conical shell, reducing section, flat cover and tight mouth. The convex carbon steel pipe cap includes hemispherical cap, elliptical cap, dish cap and spherical cap. From the stress point of view, the hemispherical cap of convex cap is gradually bad, but from the point of view of manufacturing difficulty, it is gradually good.

  The parameters of 46 ", 48" carbon steel pipe cap produced by pipe fitting factory are as follows:

  Diameter (FT) outer diameter height (mm) wall thickness weight (kg)

  Inch mm inch R / > 12.70 134.00

  one hundred and seventy-nine

  0.500 9 br /> 191.00

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